Letting guidelines


Our approach to letting is to make sure we have the right tenant in the right property. So we attach great importance to the choice of a new tenant, taking into account the best interests of the company and existing tenants.
Here at Vimarhem AB, we want all our tenants to feel happy and safe in their homes.

The queue system works on the basis of the length of time you have been in the queue, but some applicants may be prioritised for certain reasons:

  • Financial reasons.
  • New residents of the municipality who have come to work, study, etc.
  • Social and medical needs.
  • Existing tenants with special needs.


Vimarhem performs a credit check before approving tenancy agreements.


Actively in the housing queue

Housing applicants must renew their application every six months in order to keep their place in the housing queue.

All applicants who have turned down a total of five offers during a six-month period will automatically have their application terminated.

Failure to reply to an offer will result in the termination of the application.


Ability to pay

Ability to pay means the conditions required by law and agreement to pay the rent for the residence, parking space, commercial premises or warehouse requested. Ability to pay must be evidenced by details of income for at least 6 months from the time of the contract. The rent may be a maximum of 40% of the total gross income. We accept CSN.



Orderly finances

In order to be able to sign a tenancy agreement as above, the applicant must not have any debts to Vimarhem AB or other landlords. The same applies to undisputed payment remarks and claims. The applicant must also have no significant overdue debts and no payment remarks that may be relevant to their ability to pay the rent. If the applicant is already living in a Vimarhem AB property, a check will also be made that the rent payments have been made in a satisfactory manner.


Number of residents per apartment

The standard number of residents per apartment is two people per room (excluding the kitchen).


Orderly living

The prospective tenant must not have any disorder remarks from previous residence in a Vimarhem AB property or with other landlords. References must be presented on request, principally from the previous landlord and/or employer.


Moving within Vimarhem

If you want to exchange your apartment within Vimarhem AB, you must have had a primary tenancy agreement for your current residence for at least 12 months. Exemptions from this rule can be made only in exceptional circumstances. Such circumstances include starting a family, separation and changes in financial circumstances. We will make a preliminary inspection of the apartment you have been living in before signing a new tenancy agreement. Debts to Vimarhem AB must be settled before changing apartments.


Transfer of residence

There are two ways of transferring a residence, either by transferring the tenancy or by subletting.


Transfer of tenancy

If you want to take over another person’s tenancy agreement, you must have been registered in the Swedish National Register at that address and you must be able to provide evidence that you have lived there with the tenant for at least three (3) years.



There must be compelling reasons in order for us to approve subletting. Both these forms of transfer are regulated by the Swedish Tenancy Act and we apply the Tenancy Act strictly in order to prevent our apartments being the subject of unethical transfers.


Notice period

A notice period of three calendar months applies to residences, except in the case of a deceased tenant’s estate, where the agreement may be terminated with a notice period of one calendar month. Notice must be given in writing and the notice period begins from the turn of the month immediately following notice being given.

A notice period of three months applies to garages and carports.

A notice period of one month applies to parking spaces.

The agreed notice period prior to the expiry of the agreement applies to commercial premises.